Why Do We need Food? Assessment Why Do We need Food? Assessment
ProfeCoins 7
Resource type Assessment
Recommended age 8 - 11 years
File information pdf, 3 pages, 194 KB
cn03oa06:  Classify food, identify their effects over human health and purpose good eating habits for a healthy lifestyle.
cn03oa07: Purpose and communicate good hygienic practices when manipulating food, in order to prevent diseases.

Once students have learnt about different food groups, nutrients and their functions in the human body, his resource can be used either as a review workshTeet, or as an assessment, depending on what the teacher wants to do. 

It includes questions of True or False (false statements have to be replaced by a true statement), multiple choice questions and a part on which students have to connect what they have learnt with their real life, since they need to look in their house to find different types of food, and classify them according to the food group they belong to, or nutrients they contain. 

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