Healthy Lifestyle Poster Healthy Lifestyle Poster
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Resource type Assessment
Recommended age 8 - 9 years
File information pdf, 3 pages, 209 KB
CN03 OA06:  Classify food, identify their effects over human health and purpose good eating habits for a healthy lifestyle.
CN03 OA07: Purpose and communicate good hygienic practices when manipulating food, in order to prevent diseases.

On this assessment, students have to purpose and communicate different ways of having a healthy lifestyle. The idea is for them to do a poster, and the best one from the class (it can be voted by students) could be chosen to be placed in the school cafeteria, for example. 

This is a guided activity, it explains step by step how to do the poster and what students are required to include. Then, at the end there is a "draft page", on which they have to make a draft of their poster, and finally they need to use that draft to do the final one. This year the students were given the chance to choose if they would rather do it "hand made", on a block paper, or in computer. 

If students have never done a poster, it is important to show them examples of posters and advertisements before doing this activity. Have them observe the structure, the title, read different slogans, etc. Especially with younger learners, this activity needs to be guided step by step. 

An evaluation guideline for this activity will be uploaded as a different document.

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