Bee Movie Reflection
ProfeCoins 10
Resource type Assessment
Recommended age 8 - 10 years
File information pdf, 1 pages, 33.2 KB
Objective: Understand the importance of bees for the ecosystems.

Students watch "The Bee Movie", which can be found in Netflix. They can watch it during Science class and discuss about it while watching, or they can watch it at home (as homework) and discuss about it the next class. It depends on the teacher.

The idea of this activity is for students to develop critical thinking by reflecting and discussing about the environmental function of bees. After watching the movie and discussing as a class, students answer this assessment to show their understanding about the importance of bees as pollinators, and purpose actions to protect them. There are only open questions, because the idea is for children to reflect, think further and express their ideas in a coherent way.

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