"Are You an Environmental Superhero?" Quiz "Are You an Environmental Superhero?" Quiz
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Resource type Activity
Recommended age 8 - 10 years
File information pdf, 4 pages, 415 KB
CN03 OA05: Explain the importance of using resources in a responsible way, purposing actions to reuse, reduce and recycle.

This is NOT an assessed activity. It is a "quiz" like the ones you find in social media or magazines, on which you get a score according to the answers you give. In this case, the score they get will tell students how conscious they are about environmental care, and it will encourage them to think about concrete actions they can take to make our planet a better place to live. 
At the end, the idea is for them to make a reflection and get committed with environmental care. Last year, it was used in 3rd grade, and students really liked it. They came up with really good reflections.

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