Spatial Plans Spatial Plans Spatial Plans Spatial Plans Spatial Plans
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Resource type Lesson
Recommended age 7 - 8 years
File information pptx, 23 pages, 2.72 MB
You can use this interactive PowerPoint either for distance learning or for face-to-face ones, especially if you've got a smartboard.
Some of the instructions are in Spanish, as some adults at home may have a hard time with English.
This PowerPoint is the third of the series "How can we use spatial representations?"

Learning Goal:
To understand plans and their symbols.

See the other PowerPoints of the series here:
  1. Points of reference
  2. Cardinal directions
  3. Spatial Plans (This resource)
  4. Points of reference in plans
  5. How can we use spatial representations? Review
This resource greatly works with the book: 2 primary Social Sciences - Savia

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