Addition fluency game Addition fluency game
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Recommended age 6 - 8 years
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What a fun game to play! You only need a dice a lot of copies of the worksheet, the answer key and stickers.
You can divide students on pairs, each pair gets a worksheet, an answer key and a dice.
By turns the students roll the dice and the number they get is the number of column they have to solve out loud. The other student has the answer key and they have to check the answers of the other students when he´s saying it.
If the students gets one exercise wrong, his time stops and the other student gets the dice.
If a student completes the column correctly, you can give him a sticker. After the game is completed, they can paste the sticker on their copybooks to show them to their parents.

 Disclaimer: I downloaded this resource from superteacherworksheets with a paid account.

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