Pepperoni and Pizza Agreement Craft
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Resource type Activity
Recommended age 6 - 8 years
File information pdf, 2 pages, 514 KB
Objective: Understand and apply subject-verb agreement on a sentence.

This idea was taken from Pinterest. It is a fun activity that students enjoy a lot, because it is a different way to learn and apply grammar rules, rather than completing a worksheet. Besides, children love pizza! So they get really engaged with the activity by just looking at the title. They need to "build" the slice of pizza by pasting the pepperonis as flaps on the corresponding spaces, and following the instructions. They must also colour the pepperonis and the slice of pizza.
Make sure you review the content before having the students work on the craft. 
There is a picture on two of the pepperonis (they have different sizes), and students need to write a coherent sentence, according to each picture, on the corresponding space, and then they need to paste the pepperoni as a "flap" on its space (for example, if there is one dog running on one of the pepperonis, they need to write "The dog runS" on the space of that pepperoni). 
There is one of the pepperonis that does not have a picture, because students need to create their own picture and sentence.

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