Basic addition memory match game Basic addition memory match game
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Resource type Activity
Recommended age 6 - 7 years
File information pdf, 5 pages, 296 KB
This game is played like the memory match card game that many children are familiar with. It is designed to reinforce their understanding of basic addition.

Set up:
Copy the cards on card stock or paste the sheet on a construction paper so students cannot see through the paper. Cut the cards on the dotted lines.
Laminate the cards, if desired (I recommend it to make them last longer)

Note: Use only the first two pages of cards for addition facts with sums up to 9.
Use all 4 pages of cards for addition facts with sums up to 18.

How to Play:
Lay all of the cards upside-down on the table and mix them up.
Players will try to flip pairs of matching cards (e.g:  The “5+6” card matches the “11” card)

Player 1 flips two cards. If the cards match, he or she gets to keep both cards. If the cards do not match, then the cards are flipped back upside-down.
Then, player 2 gets a turn to try to flip matching cards. Players alternate until all cards have been removed from the game.
When the game is over, the player with the most cards is the winner.

Disclaimer: I downloaded this resource from superteacherworksheets with a paid account.

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