I have ... who has....? addition game I have ... who has....? addition game I have ... who has....? addition game
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Recommended age 6 - 7 years
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The best game to play with the entire classroom and practice different skills:
-Reading numbers and operations.
-Menthal math
-Addition with one digit addens.
-Attention and concentration.

Print out the “I Have, Who Has” flashcards on card stock or paste the sheet on construction paper, cut each card and laminate them so they will last for many years to come.

How to play the game?:
Distribute the cards randomly to your students (some students may get more than one card)
Select a student to begin by reading their card aloud (example: I have 14. Who has 3+4?)
The student who has the card with the correct answer to the previous student’s
“Who Has...” question reads their card aloud (example: I have 7. Who has 10+5?) And so on.
Students must listen for their turn and try not to break the chain.
When the chain circles around to the first student, the game is over.

Practice the game once with your students so they understand how the game works, then see if they can “beat the timer.” Set a timer for 2 minutes, 5 minutes, or whatever. Challenge them to finish the game before the timer goes off.

Disclaimer: I downloaded this resource from superteacherworksheets with a paid account.

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