Equivalent fractions memory match game Equivalent fractions memory match game
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Resource type Activity
Recommended age 9 - 10 years
File information pdf, 5 pages, 634 KB
¡The classic game of memory match! With this resource you have acces to a set of cards that contains different fractions with their representation. The idea is to cut the borders of the cards, glue them to a piece of paper so it's not seethrough to the students and then cut each fraction. In groups of 3-4 students they have to display the cards upside down so they can't see the fraction, and in turns they get to pick 2 of the cards. If the fractions on both cards are equivalent, they keep the pair and if it's not, they have to put the cards down. The student who gets more pair of cards wins.

Disclaimer: I downloaded this resource from superteacherworksheets with a paid account.

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